Meet Claire

Who are you, what is your story?

I am an innovative thinker who has a passion for design. I invented Reel Gardening while I was still at school and confronted with the problem of planting with seed in my own garden.

I graduated with a Masters in Architecture from the University of Pretoria and am still an active participant within the Architecture profession in Johannesburg, currently I am working on a sustainable green school alternative building concept, and is hoping to get a prototype constructed in a rural part of South Africa within the next year.

I am proud to be a social entrepreneur and is always looking for simple solutions to everyday development problems. My aim with Reel Gardening was to start a planting revolution and I am well on my way to achieving this.

What have you designed or invented in the past?

I have designed a Sustainable building solution and Reel Gardening and im trying to figure out a way to harvest rain water at the moment.

What are you working on with the SABS Design institute?

Reel Gardening seed strips encase organically fertilised vegetable and herb seeds at the correct distance apart within a biodegradable custom made paper tape which anchors the seed at the correct depth for improved germination. Contained within the paper strip, together with the seed is a slow release fertilizer to feed the seed throughout germination.  Reel Gardening clearly shows the user where the seeds are located once planted thus enabling the watering of the garden to be localised, resulting in a potential saving of 80% in water consumption. The paper absorbs the water and keeps the seed in a moist environment which aids the germination rate. The seedling will eventually break through the paper at the indicated spot enabling the user to differentiate between the desired plant and a weed which should be removed. The paper will eventually decompose adding to the nutrient level of the soil.

What is your favourite invention?

The iphone and the dishwasher

What would be your ultimate invention or design?

I would love to design a system that collects water and grows plants but in a really low tech way. I think i may just already be doing that :)

What are some things you can’t leave the house without?

iPhone,  Sharpie, Purse

What are you really bad at?

Time Management, dealing with my emails, phoning people back, paying attention.

What makes you angry?

the overall feeling of self entitlement in this country.

What gives you hope?

The passion, creativity and resiliance i see on a daily basis in the areas we do most of our social development work

Words to live by?

The Universe Conspires in my Favour

What are your superpowers or what do you want them to be?

I would want to be able to understand and speak all languages.

Apple, Android or Blackberry?

Apple, who would willingly choose Android or Blackberry?  :)

Twitter: @reelgardening

Fb page: reelgardening