The Mandela Poster Project

Two years ago, from May to July 2013 two South African designers, Jacques Lange and Mohammed Jogie joined forces to collect 95 posters to celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela and his contribution to humanity. The project went viral and resulted in more than 700 posters being submitted from around the world in less than 60 days.

Through a curated process 95 were selected to form a core collection. Two years down the line this collection of posters – known as the 95 Collection - has travelled the world, has brought in R1 million for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital currently under construction in Johannesburg, and stands proud as an example of what can be achieved if there is a worthy cause and a will to make a project succeed.

The SABS Design Institute owns a single master set of the posters. The full proceeds of the sale were donated to the Children’s Hospital Trust and these posters are considered a public asset that will be viewed by as many people as possible in the years to come.

An exhibition set of the 95 Collection has been travelling the world from its original showing at the University of Pretoria on 18 July 2013. To date the posters have been shown at the Open Design Festival in Cape Town, the Peacemakers Museum in Sandton, the Melbourne International Design Festival and Look Upstairs Conference, the National Museum of Contemporary History, Ljubljana, Slovenia; two exhibitions in Thessaloniki, Greece; and the UN Nelson Mandela International Day celebration at the Rotunda of the Vienna International Centre.

Currently the collection is exhibited as part of Africa Week in Zagreb, Croatia and the “Making Africa: A Continent of Contemporary Design exhibition” at the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany. From July to November this year it will be shown in Brazil.

A second master set of the 95 Collection has been donated to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital to be used as part of its interior design once the facility has been completed. Other spin-offs of the project have been the creation of a Mandela font that is currently underway and the possibility of a book containing the bulk of the posters collected. Read the full story of the 95 Collection on