Looking at life through a different lens

Four years ago Soweto-born twins Justice and Innocent Mukheli, together with their best friend Vuyo Mpantsha began the photography blog I See A Different You to showcase what was fun and beautiful about the township where they grew up, rather than the stereotypical view of a place of poverty and hardship.

What started as a fresh way of showing life around them and dressing to look the part, has turned into a hip and happening brand with several sideshows featuring these young creatives and the world they live in.

I See A Different You is all about an attitude of looking at the positive, rather than the negative. It can be said that this attitude has contributed to the trio’s success. Currently they feature in Visa’s social media campaign My city, #MyEverywhere, where people can showcase their everywhere (the places where they live) by capturing a meaningful moment for a chance to win a R1000 Visa Gift Card. Participants are urged to share video clips on Instagram, Facebook or/and Twitter, using the hashtag #MyEverywhere and tagging Visa_SA and follow the journey of I See a Different You as they capture the beauty of South Africa, from thrift stores to bicycle tours and everything in between.

Fashion features strongly in the way the trio style themselves and what they photograph. In an article on DazedDigital they say: “The fashion is mostly inspired by our parents’ photo albums and our grandparents’ photo albums, and the locations they shot in. So we were retelling those stories. We looked at how they dressed and the way they shot and mixed it with our different styles to make the outfits our own. The most important thing to us was to show pride in where we are from and get young people like us to be proud of where they are from. That is the goal, to change the perception of what the world thinks of Soweto and South Africa, and Africa as a whole.”

I See A Different You tries make people see all these places differently - see romance, see possibilities, see fun and beautiful things. We are watching this spot to see what will be next.