Live Design. Transform Life.

Cape Town will be a focal point for the international design community in 2014, with design-related projects and events hosted in the city throughout the year.
We will use the World Design Capital 2014 opportunity to identify, nurture and promote projects that offer tangible evidence of how design can improve lives, within our uniquely South African and African context. Our focus will be on projects that bridge historic divides, reconnect our city in structure and in spirit, rebuild social and economic inclusion, and reposition Cape Town for a sustainable future.

“The 1st call for submission is now open and will close on the 5th of April 2013.”

Four inspiring themes to make African creativity shine

Under the overarching theme of “Live Design. Transform Life”, four themes have been developed to bring clarity and simplicity to the process of submission and curation of proposals – and later, to help to allocate content and to attract potential sponsors to the various platforms and WDC Signature Events.  The themes are also designed to ignite the imagination of the public, and to contribute towards a greater understanding of the multi-facted nature of design.

An African bid

Our winning bid is a proudly African story, with the ultimate goal of achieving a sustainable, inclusive and more liveable African city, rooted in the strengths of our people and communities.
Learn more about the dynamic bid process and overwhelming public support for World Design Capital Cape Town 2014 on the offical bid website