Iconic ijusi - 20 years of putting African design under the spotlight

What started as a project to bide time until clients started making their appearance, has become a rare and iconic testament to African design.  ijusi,brainchild of equally iconic South African designer, Clive Walker has been the collection of cutting-edge African design over the past 20 years. The ijusi website (http://www.ijusi.com) explains the origins of this experimental magazine:“Garth Walker released the first issue of ijusi
in early 1995 from his studio in Durban; then called Orange Juice design. From its onset ijusi effectively showcased a burgeoning South African visual culture, which has come to be recognised for its quality in
diversity worldwide. Over the following years, subsequent issues have made invaluable contributions to the ongoing discourse surrounding representation and identity in South Africa, specifically within the context of Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography, Writing, and Photography. ijusi is currently self-published by Walker in a small print run, roughly twice yearly from his Durban based graphic design studio called Mister
Walker.” But writing about ijusi does not do justice to the quirky, tongue-in-cheek nature of ijusi editions. They must be seen to appreciate their role in creating a visual language for South Africa, in particular, and Africa as a whole. Listen to Clive Walker talk about ijusi on the Design Indaba e-magazine at http://www.designindaba.com/video/what-does-being-african-look.