Get moving - animation

Since, in South Africa, April is all about celebrating freedom, we thought it good to take a look at the movers and shakers, literally. Animation has often been the neglected child of the design scene, being looked at as something only kids and geeks get excited about. (read more)

Enter the GIF.

What is a GIF I hear you ask? Do you remember those irritating little jumping clipart men on the internet in the 90’s? That’s a GIF, although it has come a long way thank goodness. A GIF, standing for Graphic Interchange Format, is comprised of many images lined up to appear as a short movie clip often only a second or two long. Since over 40% of online content is images and the bulk of that is fast becoming the humble GIF, animation is more important than ever. In our content heavy world the GIF is the perfect medium to communicate quickly and instantly, no more waiting for that video to buffer. So while the GIF is mostly used for hilarious moments and memes, keep on watching, animators are just starting to discover the power of the GIF.

In South Africa we have many talented animation studios flying under the radar. Here are three that we think are pretty amazing.

First in line is Studio Bolland, because we like the way they shake their GIFs. We featured them on our blog earlier this month and they deserve another shout out here. They are a small but dedicated team of passionate illustrators and motion designers. They work with both local and international clients on various creative outlets: Animated explainer videos, TV commercials, web videos, illustrations, cartoons, corporate identities, logos, animated gifs and the list goes on.

ALBINO CREATIONS, are great because their animation stands out from the crowd. They do things differently and truly great. Make sure to watch their mind blowing showreel.

Then of course we cannot not mention TriggerFish, probably one of the oldest studios in South Africa. Established in 1996 as a boutique stop-frame animation studio, they have made some of South Africa’s most memorable commercials. They have since produced animation for the South African and US versions of Sesame Street before leaping onto the world stage with their first feature film, Adventures in Zambezia (starring Abigail Breslin, Leonard Nimoy and Samuel L. Jackson) and their second film, Khumba, following close behind.

Animation in South Africa has come a long way since the stop motion days and we are fast catching up, and are often ahead of, the international pack. Animation is an absolutely necessary element for any entrepreneur to brand their business online and communicate their offering to an audience saturated with content. So go get your GIFs.