Do you agree with more trend predications for 2014?

In December 2013, JWT, the world's best-known marketing communications brand brought out its list of 100 things to watch in 2014. In the August 2014 Design Institute newsletter we showcased ten trends. Here are five more (randomly selected for their ‘wow’ factor) that we can consider to be sticky or not.

  1. Beacons

Low-cost transmitters that rely on Bluetooth technology, like Apple’s iBeacon, allow    retailers to precisely track shoppers’ mobile phones and send highly targeted content tied to location and shopping habits.

  1. Cocktails on tap

We’ve seen wine moving into taps, and now cocktails are being mixed and stored in kegs. It saves bartenders time and can lower the price tag for imbibers, who get the added bonus of being able to ask for sample tastes.

  1. Divorce parties

Given the rise in single people and fading stigma around divorce, more people (particularly women) are choosing to celebrate their divorces with lavish parties. Pinterest boards have popped up with cake and party favour ideas, and some women even order piñatas in the     likeness of their ex.    

  1. Godless congregations

Religious affiliation is declining in countries including the US and the UK, and with it a key source of community. Filling the vacuum are church-like communities like Sunday Assembly and the Calgary Secular Church that aim to bring people together without the central belief in a deity.

  1. Hashtag fatigue

They’re consuming our Twitter feeds and Facebook accounts, but hashtags may not be all that useful much of the time, aside from giving people another way to prove their cleverness. The more that hashtags proliferate for anything and everything and the more we see “bashtags,” or branded hashtags that backfire, the more it seems likely that their usage will wane.