Designers called to help design a Madiba Script typeface

Designers are called to contribute their talents to the legacy of Nelson Mandela by designing a letter (or two, or three ...) in the Madiba Script typeface project. This typeface design project was launched by the Mandela Poster Project Collective (MPPC), a group of volunteers who were responsible for organising the Mandela Poster Project last year. Through itsFacebook page, the MPPC has offered resources like grids and examples of Madiba’s handwriting to help typeface designers on their way. With the poster project from last year is currently on an international traveling tour, the focus has now shifted to the development of a Madiba inspired typeface which will be donated to the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital Trust. The typeface will also be used for a book about the Mandela Poster Project. By the way – what is the difference between a typeface and a font? This explanation makes it easy to understand: “Typeface and font can be used interchangeably. But if you come across someone who cares deeply about maintaining the distinction, just remember this: The difference between a font and a typeface is the same as that between songs and an album. The former makes up the latter.”

Follow the links to help you design your Madiba-inspired typeface: Inspiration and examples of Madiba's handwriting

Some of sketches, drawing grids and computer grids