Design for Social Impact by the Museum of Design Atlanta is an original exhibition offering a look at how designers, engineers, students, professors, architects and social entrepreneurs use design to solve the problems of the 21st century.

Museum visitors have the opportunity to interact with many of the objects in the exhibition – from stepping inside a temporary shelter from Mad Housers Inc. to sitting in the Node Chair designed by Steelcase and IDEO or pushing a Hippo Water Roller filled with water.

"Thank you for sharing the amazing Hippo Roller with MODA! Our visitors have really enjoyed using the Hippo Roller and learning more about your design and the impact that it is making in the world. We all think the Hippo Roller is a helpful solution and talk about it all the time."- Museum of Design Atlanta

A Smarter way to collect water!

Transform the daily lives of 67 water-stressed communities for Mandela Day 2014.

Give them a smarter way to collect 5x more water, more easily & in less time.

"Design is a way of looking at the world with an eye for changing it."