Design that keeps our door open

You won't want to kick these doorstops into place the next time you need to prop open a heavy door. Designers are infusing some comedy into the very practical doorstop. Keeping your door open just got a lot more fun!

Know of great doorstop that we should add to the list? Feel free to share your designs with ICSID via our Facebook page.

1. James the Doorman

Available in six different colours, James the Doorman, created by black+blum is the strong and silent type.

2. Free Weight Doorstop

The Free Wight Doorstop takes the business of keeping your doors open seriously. While it looks like a vintage lead weight, it's constructed from lighter materials with a protective bottom that prevents floor scratches.


3. Champagne Cork Doorstop

This champagne doorstop is made from cork and can double as a child's stool or creative bookend.

4. Wizard of Oz doorstop

While this doorstop might not be ideal for the workspace, these ruby slippers are the perfect addition to a child's bedroom.

5. Mouse Doorstops

A cute spin on the original doorstop, this simple design elevates the wedge with whimsy.

6. Ice cream doorstop

Idea for the kitchen, this plastic ice cream doorstop could fool anyone into dropping their own ice cream cone while looking down!