Über hip, but o, so simple

If you want to do the cycling thing, but believe that the beauty of your iron horse is non-negotiable, then a Simple SAM bike is for you. Be it a Black SAM, sleekly and dangerously black with a playful yellow trim, or the gorgeous Red SAM, with blue –faced tyres, or even a pristinely beautiful White SAM, these are true objects of desire.

According to the I love Pretoria blog, www.ilovepretoria.co.za, Simple SAM is the brainchild of Pretoria couple Markus and Elzanne van Niekerk. “Markus has the business savvy while Elzanne is the creative one. Together, they make a great team who loves taking on challenges. Being bored and frustrated with the corporate life, Markus felt the need to break away and start something completely different. With a great love for cycling and an urge to live a simpler life, Simple SAM bicycles was born.  Elzanne, a graphic designer, helped to create and build the Simple SAM brand. The word 'Simple' refers to the simplicity of the bicycle and "SAM" being an acronym for: Single speed, Aluminium, Mobility. The blog spot quotes the creators: "What we wish to achieve with Simple SAM is to have loads of fun and to change the mind set of people. Getting back to basics and enjoying the simple pleasures in life has never seemed so appealing. We live in a time where more and more people strive to live a healthier and simpler lifestyle. 

We are so trapped in a world where you feel you have to have the latest technology or newest app on your phone to be happy and free. This is of course not true." says Markus.  Visit the Simple SAM website to drool about these beauties (www.simplesam.co.za). The entire Simple SAM experience is worth a visit.