AFRICAN TRENDS 2015, Heart on Sleevers

Following the #FABA trend, FOR AFRICA BY AFRICA, we are continually seeing a resurging pride in African identity and design. Naturally flowing from FABA is what is referred to by as HEART ON SLEEVERS.

The classic propaganda Tshirt will get and African spin, but instead these increasingly confident HEART ON SLEEVERS will celebrate culturally significant causes, movements and heritage in ways that go beyond merely consuming products that are Made in Africa.

In 2015, HEART ON SLEEVERS will also demand that African brands break the cycles of  consumerism by making even bolder, more expressive (wearable) statements, reinforcing important facets of their culture and deeper beliefs.

So the trick will be to AUTHENTICALLY, meaning you have to care about them too, embed causes that your customers care about. No more ‘RHINO washing’ to get people to be interested in your brand, unless you love rhinos of course then it’s fine.

Some pieces we picked up from

In 2014, to celebrate 20 years of democracy, the Legacy Collection by South African Charmaine Taylor, created a limited edition range of art and jewellery pieces fabricated from the Robben Island prison fence that held Nelson Mandela captive for 18 years.

Ghanaian premium shoemakers, Heel The World, announced in 2014 the release of a Black and Gold collection (representing hard work and success, respectively) to celebrate the success of their Empowerment Beads.

In Q2 2014, South African fashion label, MaXhosa by Laduma launched 'My Heritage, My Inheritance'. The fashion film for his knitwear collection depicts a tribal initiation. His pieces contain design elements required to be worn by Xhosa initiates after the ceremony.