AFRICA TREND: Better tech

2015 will see even more forward-thinking, empowering applications of technology.
Enough has already been said about M-Pesa, USSD, and other jugaad innovation / no-frills / B.O.P / low-tech solutions. And yes, a tech-fueled life is still not on the radar for many Africans.
But progress is happening. One example? Angola Cables plan to increase Africa’s mobile coverage by 20% in 2015 with fiber-optic cables.
With manifold challenges facing the continent – from healthcare to education and more – consumers in 2015 will eagerly reach for smarter tech solutions that truly improve lives, empower individuals and improve wider communities.
You must however move first and fast. Anticipating and responding to tomorrow's interconnected Africa is an opportunity too hot to bypass.
In September 2014, Google brought its Connected Classrooms initiative to South Africa, allowing students across the country to join a virtual ‘field trip’ using Google+ Hangouts.
Downloadable since July 2014, Backup Memory is a mobile app developed by Samsung Tunisia and the Tunisian Alzheimer’s Association to help sufferers of Alzheimer’s connect with and remember loved ones.
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