5 tips for new entrepreneurs on the block

1. Keep believing
in your product, your service. If you don't believe in it, why should anyone else? Authenticity is your greatest asset in a world filled with fly by nights, cheap imitations, and plastic promises. If you stop believing, drop it.
2. Listen
to other entrepreneurs. Do not EVER think that you know everything there is to know about running a business, selling, marketing and so on. Call up people you admire, buy them coffee. Buy books of the greats, read till your eyes hurt. Always keep an open mind, stay humble, ask questions. You'd be surprised how many willing guides are out there.
3. Build a buffer
for the dry times. We all think that it will never happen to us, that buffers are for pansies. We like to live dangerously, proclaiming loudly that we risk high to gain high, that we are all in... and other such bravado. The truth is there are good times and bad times, the faster you can build a buffer the better. Try and put away a set amount, a set percentage, every month. We can pretty  much guarantee you'll need it sooner or later. 
4. Never stop
marketing. Ever. Just as you should never stop building that buffer, so you should never stop marketing. Resting on your laurels would be a mistake, keep pushing yourself, your brand, your product out there using whatever medium you can find. 
5. Always call
back, even the smallest lead and smallest client. This is key, especially when you are starting up, because you never know where a lead might lead. That small business owner that order from you, you never know if her cousin is the marketing manager of a huge corporate, who then sends your newsletter on ... you get the idea.
So in the end, be on your game. Believe in your product, ask questions, save, market, and give great client service, to everyone.