2. AFRICAN TREND 2015. Home grown info.


Design is literally everywhere, think about how many things you came across, used or just looked at this morning that were designed. Even the news, newspapers, blogs, feeds are designed and curated. There is a new type of information design on the rise in Africa and it looks a lot more like us, its raw, real and uncensored and very African.

Simply put, Africans today are bored of being force-fed contrived, controlled, censored and, yes, dull information. What's more, they're ever more aware of the information gaps left by mainstream media and government.

One example? Nine journalists, known for blogging about political repression and human rights, have been detained by the Ethiopian government since April on the grounds that their use of social media causes instability (BBC, July 2014).

In 2015, young Africans are especially looking for creative brands to plug the info-gaps – and do so in a way that is truly engaging. That means delivering useful, necessary information – or boundary-pushing entertainment – via creative, unconventional and playful channels (as JT Rappé do below). Time to get thinking about how YOU can fill information gaps in 2015.

JT Rappé, a Senegalese online newspaper delivers local weekly news via YouTube rap videos in both French and Wolof. As of November 2014, there were over 2 million views of the channel.

In August 2014, Muslim dating site Mektoube published Le Famille Bentaba, a satirical online comic tackling taboo, yet relevant issues for Maghreb singles such as racism, divorce and single-parent families.

Launched in May 2014, Cliff Central is a South African online 'uncensored, unhinged, unradio' station, which streams shows on popular instant messaging platform, WeChat.

source: www.trendwatching.com