10 Ways To Tell If You’re An Entrepreneur Or A Wantrepreneur

I firmly believe 99% of people that say they are (or want to be) entrepreneurs are really just wantrepreneurs. Actually to me, to be called an entrepreneur is the Holy Grail, held by only a few elite people in the world.

According to a 2013 Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity study, a leading indicator of new business creation in the United States, 0.28 percent of American adults are starting businesses each month (roughly 476,000 new business owners per month).  And the rate of “wantrepreneurship” is high because of the vast opportunities that business ownership provides. (Forbes)

So, what is the difference between an entrepreneur and a wantrepreneur?


1. Entrepreneurs offer no excuses.

Wantrepreneurs make excuses and pat themselves on the back when they do something small.

2. Entrepreneurs are driven by their passion.

Entrepreneurs are excited to wake up in the morning and get going. Wantrepreneurs do things where they think their passion should be or do it just for the money.

3. Entrepreneurs hustle.

Entrepreneurs hustle during every second of the day and enjoy it. Wantrepreneurs spend all of their time watching The Bachelor.

4. Entrepreneurs sacrifice.

Entrepreneurs sacrifice a lot to be where they are. Wantrepreneurs just envision being there.

5. Entrepreneurs take action.

Wantrepreneurs read many books on how to do it.

6. Entrepreneurs are accountable.

Entrepreneurs do what they say they are gonna do. Wantrepreneurs always ask more questions and are always “about to do” something.

7. Entrepreneurs put in the work.

Entrepreneurs realize nothing comes easy. Wantrepreneurs love their “get rich quick” stories.

8. Entrepreneurs leverage failure.

Entrepreneurs learn from failure and take the punches. Wantrepreneurs are taken out by the punch.

9. Entrepreneurs are focused.

Entrepreneurs are focused on building their company. Wantrepreneurs try and find the next big thing.

10. Entrepreneurs say possible.

Wantrepreneurs say impossible.


So, what are you? An entrepreneur or a wantrepreneur?



This article has been edited and condense, originally published here

Michael Tandarich is the CEO of No-Comply Designs, a creatively driven brand agency. Connect with @MikeTandarich on Twitter.